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Top Dive Destinations

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Plane Wreck


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Magical Maldives

If heaven exists on earth then it's in Maldives. This small country of 1200 islands is the most popular tourist attraction in the entire globe. Its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, sand banks, water villas, coral reefs , versatile marine life makes it a perfect dive destination.

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Thundering Thailand

Trips become a lifetime memory when we meet someone and participate in wild activities together. Group tours are the best one for this. Take part in our SCUBA group tours, meet new people and make it a lifetime memory.

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Amazing  Andaman

Andaman & Nicobar is one of India's finest Island Dive destinations and the most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful solitaire clean and natural beaches, crystal clear blue water, coral gardens, great pinnacles, sandy bottoms, great visibility (40m), and millions of marine habitats makes it a perfect dive destination. Dixon's Pinnacle, and Johnny's George are the main dive sites in these islands.

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Igniting  Indonesia

Bali the island of Gods as they call it is another most popular dive destination and world-class tourist hotspot in Indonesia.   Raja Ampat , Alor, Pulau Weh,Lembeh Sulawesi, Komodo National Park are the most popular dive sites in Indonesia. Specifically Lebeh, Sulawesi is world famous for 'Mask Diving" 

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'Pearl of the Orient sea'  Philippines 

The Philippines has hundreds of dive spots. Irrespective of your dive experience, you are sure to be spoilt for options. The Luzon region near Manila is a perfect place for starting your SCUBA journey. It is famous for wreck diving, and Subic Bay offers divers to get closer to the sunken warships of WWII.

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